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Who is BookFuel?

Does it seem the publishing world has gone topsy-turvy? With articles being written daily on the pros and cons of publishing this way or that, where is an Author to turn? Vanity Publishers charge excessive amounts of money, lock Authors into contracts, and command portions of their net royalties. While at the same time, Traditional Publishers hide the keys to their kingdoms and make admittance nearly impossible. With all of this confusion and the advent of the internet, self-publishing can be more lucrative and has proven to be an easier route to publishing.

When did self-publishing begin to take off? In 2000, Stephen King challenged the literary world by becoming the first well-known Author to self-publish a book called, The Plant. Since then, many Authors have followed suit, whether the book was edited and designed professionally, or not. Unfortunately for the Authors who throw books out in the web without editing, they simply won’t sell many copies. Even Stephen King states, in his book On Writing, that he never considers publishing anything without his Editors.

BookFuel helps Authors publish professionally. Our biggest wish is that our Authors create not only a book, but a legacy to be passed down from generation to generation.

From the beginning, we’ve adamantly believed that Authors should have access to affordable services while retaining 100% of their net royalties and keeping all of their rights to their books. BookFuel provides all the services that an Author needs under one roof. We offer cover design, formatting, editing and so much more.

What is FundMyBook.com?

Self-publishing can be expensive. To help authors raise the funds to professionally produce their books, we created fundmybook.com. Create a campaign for your book then spread the word to your friend & family. BookFuel will help promote your project as well through our social media channels.

While funds are being raised, BookFuel will be actively creating the elements of your book. Your Account Manager will be guiding you every step of the way. At the end of the project, you and your backers will receive printed books automatically.

Questions? Call one of our Author Advisers at 720-442-7442

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