Generating Awareness

Drive People to Your Campaign

As an author, your initial support will come from your friends and family. Read our tips for how to get the word out and building excitement for your new book.

Prepare Your Outreach Strategy
Before you launch your campaign, think through how you’ll spread the word. The more people that know about your book project, the higher the amount of money you could raise.

Tell Your Friends & Family
Once your fundraising campaign is live, let everyone know. Share your campaign on Facebook, tweet, and send emails. Pick up the phone and call people and ask for their support. The more you reach out, the better your chances are for success.

BookFuel Can Help
When your campaign launches, BookFuel will post your project to their social media accounts and reach tens of thousands of potential backers. If you would like to explore larger media strategies such as Press Release distribution, give BookFuel a call.

Build a Team
Fundraising campaigns that consist of 2 or more people raise significantly more funds than single member campaigns. Enlist the help of a friend or contributor to your book.

Be Detailed
Offer as much content as you can. Show pictures of the cover, concept illustrations and sample text from the book. Create a demo video of you asking for support.

Create Trust
Explain how the funds you raise will be used. Break the project into the self-publishing steps: Editing, Cover Design, Print Layout and eBook Conversion.

Hold a Launch Party
Gather your local friends and family, and generate excitement. Have a chapter of your book available for people to read. Make sure to have a laptop or tablet on hand to allow people to contribute to your campaign. Send everyone who attended a follow-up email with a link to your campaign.

Promote Using Social Media

How to use social networks to drive campaign contributions

Social Media is one of best ways to expand your network of supporters and engage with your backers.

Start Early
Get the word out about your book and upcoming campaign. The earlier the better. Create a buzz around your book and why you’re looking for help raising funds. Talk about the rewards you’ll provide backers.

Positive Engagement
Communicate with your backers. Provide updates on your campaign and the status of your book and its production. Respond to their questions, but try not to spam them. Allow your community to feel that they are a part of the larger project and contributing to its success. Be thankful.

Facebook & Twitter


Besides email, Facebook is responsible for generating more backers for crowdfunded projects than any other method. Ask backers to share your project on their Facebook wall. Remind backers to help you spread the word in a Thank You email that you send out. Write a simple blurb that people can easily post on Facebook, and let them know how important Facebook is in helping you generate awareness and contributions.


Twitter is used for quick, casual interactions with your followers. Share links to your campaign, answer questions, and thank your backers.
• Create your own hashtag to be used within any tweets
• There’s a chance that other influencers will learn about your campaign and they may help in spreading the word

How to Promote Using Email

Before your campaign goes live, start generating awareness by emailing your friends and family. Send personal emails telling them about your book and your dreams for its publication and letting them know about your upcoming campaign on

Once the campaign is live, send an email with a link to the campaign and ask for a contribution. Ask your friends and family to be part of the campaign by helping you spread the word.

During the campaign, send email updates on the campaign’s progress. How far are you from reaching your goal? What rewards can people receive? Thank those who have contributed already.

When your campaign ends, continue to update your backers on your progress in completing your book. Make sure to update your campaign’s update page as well.

Maximizing Your Contributions

How do I share a campaign with others?
Every campaign has a unique URL that you can send to your network through email or social posts. Additionally, under the primary image/video of the campaign are social share icons. Just click on an icon, log in to your profile and send. You can also embed links to your campaign within your author website.

Your Campaign Hub
Your fundmybook’s project page should serve as the main location to send people interested in your campaign. All communications sent through social, email, or in person should be directed to this page. Make sure the page is up to date, and encourage contributions.

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