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Anna is a naïve innocent girl from Asia, who falls in love and marries a foreigner. She leaves her family believing her husband will love and take care of her for the rest of her life.

After coming to America, she learns that her husband isn't the man she thought he was. She goes through mental and physical abuse from him and doesn't know where to turn for help.

Feeling trapped in her marriage, Anna has no one she can ask for help, until she meets a co-worker who is willing to help her escape. She has to find a way to the life she has dreamed of. After escaping her abusive marriage, Anna realizes her life will never be the same again.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: In 2000.

Q: What inspired this book?

A: My desire to help women around the world that may be in a troubled relationship far from home. To let them know it is possible to find a way out of an abusive relationship.

Q: What authors are you inspired by?

A: Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, J.K Rowling, Nora Roberts, and Sandra Brown are my favorite authors.

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