DEEP BOOK – My Journey to True Inner Peace

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In her life, Keysha has experienced highs and lows, but blessed to enjoy her family and community. She endured a number of traumatic seasons. Her relationship with God has been tested throughout her life as He allowed her to endure molestation, assault, and addiction.

Despite the suffering, Keysha had caring parents who provided a way for her to be educated and encouraged her musical gifts and talents. She was able to have a meaningful relationship, get married and have three beautiful children while making her home in another country and serving in full time ministry.

As time went on, Keysha carried the weight of her past, walked in her struggle of addiction and shame, believing that if she ignored the infection of trauma and abuse in her soul, it would somehow disappear. That belief was shattered after she lost her mother to cancer. Through the word of God in Scriptures, prayer, worship and meditation, she received healing for her soul, belief in herself and rediscovered her purpose. Writing this book and accompanying music has deepened her healing. It is written to show God’s love and to encourage those who suffer in life to believe He is present and real.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I began writing this book in September 2013.

Q: What inspired this book?

A: After the loss of my mother, I burned out in ministry and began journaling. During a time of meditation, I had a strong notion that writing a book would further my healing and encourage others who encountered loss, emotional trauma and exhaustion.

Q: What authors are you inspired by?

A: I am inspired by TD Jakes, Myles Munroe, Joyce Myer and Archibald Hart

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