Go Green Baby 2!

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About the Book

Give your child a healthy start with nutritious recipes you can make in minutes. Written by a nurse and mom, this baby food cookbook provides an alternative to buying prepackaged and processed foods.

Using natural fruits and vegetables found in any grocery store, you will be providing essential vitamins and minerals to help your baby’s development.  Homemade foods are free of additives, ensuring the highest quality meals that are always fresh. In addition to preparing tasty foods that your child will love, you’ll be saving money as well.

Why are we Raising Money?

The book has been written, but we need to have an editor review the text. We've taken the photographs, but they need to be visually enhanced. The layout needs to be done, and it needs to be converted to ebook format. The files need to be uploaded, and the book printed. It's quite an undertaking.

Any money raised above our goal amount will be used to create an iPad mobile app.


This week we've added 3 more recipes!

Q. How many recipes are included?
A. There are over 50 organic healthy recipes in the book.

Q. When will the book be complete?
A. All the text is complete, the pictures have been taken, we just need to complete the layout.

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