It’s a Bummer for the Plumber

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Bridgewater, New Jersey

"It's a Bummer for the Plumber" is a Children's book that follows a plumber through his day.  He spends his day dealing with a grandmotherly client, fixing spills and leaks, all while dealing with splashes, sprays, and puddles.  After a long day and ultimately coming home and going to bed, he gets up bright and early to do it all over again.   This book is perfect for bedtime and is catchy so that your child will want you to read it to them again and again.  The book is filled with beautifully colorful illustrations by an Israeli artist, Najwan Zuobi.  This is my first Children's Book, and I am excited to be on the road to publishing!

CoverDraft1Preliminary draft of the cover art.

When did you start this book?

Joshua: I came up with the first draft of this story in 2011, and slowly over the last few years started investigating self-publishing.  It wasn't until mid 2015 when Najwan showed interest in illustrating the story that I began seriously pursuing the reality of a published book.

What inspired this book?

Joshua: This book was inspired by various books that I would read my children at bedtime like, "How does a dinosaur say goodnight?" or "Goodnight Gorilla".   While spending this time and having to read them "Again!" and "Again!", I believed I could come up with a story I would like as much as any that I had read, but I also wanted it to be very "clever".  I also wanted the illustrations to be great.

How did you find the illustrator?

Joshua:  On occasion when I ran into one who had an artistic background I'd mention the idea to see if they wanted to participate in it.  When my wife and I met Najwan, I had known she was an artist, and when I mentioned the idea she was very receptive.  in many ways this project only happened because she followed through and developed the concept art.

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