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In a land full of darkness and despair, evil creatures run rampant, unchecked and unmastered, destroying what little life there is left in the realm and the town of Roland. But not all is lost in this plagued world of death and soulless wanderers. Wolfgang, Lord of the Wolfgang House, fights to keep his people safe and free from the tyranny of monsters and their vampire sovereign, Lord Egleaseon.

Sixteen years have passed since the birth of Wolfgang's son, Dorian, and the downfall of the house of Egleaseon. All is well for a time. A beautiful wife. A capable son to carry on the bloodline. But in the course of one fateful night, Wolfgang’s world is torn apart. Everything he loves is taken from him.

Wolfgang is a story about human struggle, where death and disease await around every corner. It is about a father being put to the test, where all values that once held true are now meaningless.

He is desperate and provoked, and will do anything to get his son back, even if it means journeying the path of darkness. Thus begins the story of Wolfgang.

Unlike other stories in the vampire genre world, Wolfgang was developed around a single idea:  That an ancient powerful vampire will do anything to be human again, and the one person who can deliver it to him, must kill him first with no understanding of the repercussions of what would follow after.

The story contains elements of Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, and Suspense. It delves into the world of the human psyche, allowing the reader to have a taste of what its like to be pushed to the limit.

The story is aimed to be a trilogy. Currently, I am working on the second installment. Funding for this project will be put to self-publishing this project, which is to include editing, print layout, art design, and distribution.

I thank you deeply for expressing interest in my story. It is something I've been wanting to do for sometime now. By helping fund this project, it will allow me to continue doing what all author's do best; write.

Wolfgang Update #1

Wow! Thank you to everyone so far who has contributed to Wolfgang and its publishing process. Wolfgang has reached 19% funding so far and its very exciting to know people are interested. Lets keep the momentum going and pledge your contribution today. Without your support none of this would happen and I thank you personally! I look forward to providing you with updates as the project progresses along its time lime (Editing, Page Layout, Cover Design, and Distribution). The manuscript is in its final editing stages and should be back for approval by the end of April or early May 2016. Once editing is complete, Page Layout will then commence. My good friend and artist, Bill Fears, is working on map illustrations that will be used as inserts in the book. So far the material he's rendered is something worth seeing.

Again, thank you everyone for your support! I look forward to bringing you the next update for Wolfgang. If you have any questions or comments, make sure to stop by on the Facebook page. Cheers!!

- F. D. Gross

Testimonials #1

"A macabre journey through Wolfgang's world, that is so intense you can hardly catch you breath!"               - Bill Fears

"I was excited to be asked to read Wolfgang as I have had the pleasure of reading some of Mr. Gross' past works and was always enthralled. What always impresses me is the vivid imagery which allows the reader to actually visualize the characters, but especially the monsters and settings as if one is actually part of the story. You are immediately drawn in and anticipate what is on the next page and end up wanting more. "                                                                                                                                                                   - Janis Humpage

"As you read of a world about the slaying of vampires and other monstrosities in a dark land, 
through the eyes of Wolfgang you are taken into a vivid journey of horror and despair and quite a psychological
roller coaster of a hunters journey. In this beautifully descriptive story, you won't know what's 
real or fiction."                                                             - Diana Tucker

Wolfgang Update #2
I am pleased to announce that phase 1 (Copy Editing Phase) is soon coming to a close. I received the manuscript back and will be reviewing in the next couple of days. Once completed, phase 2 can begin which is page lay out design. Thanks again everyone for your love and support. I will continue to keep you posted as the book progresses. 

Excerpt #1 2016-04-12 at 12.29.02 AM

FAQ #1 - Do you plan to make a sequel?

Answer: Absolutely. In fact, I have begun writing the second installment entitled "Wolfgang:Inquisition" My intention is to make it a trilogy, or possibly more, depending on where the characters take me. It is a story that has been waiting to be told for a long time.

FAQ #2 - What made you decide to write Wolfgang?

Answer: During my adolescent years, I was plagued by dreams of a dark haired woman who would come to me in the night, sit at the edge of my bed, but never turn her head towards me so that I would see her face. That, with the combination of my obsession with vampire lore, the macabre, and gothic architecture, it called for the perfect combination in chemistry to create a story with all of those elements.

FAQ #3 - Who is your favorite author?

Answer: Who, I think not. How many, is more like it. Neil Gaiman, Ann Rice, Suzanne Collins, Tolkien, Stan Nicholls, Terry Goodkind, Patrick Rothfuss, Jules Verne, H.P. Lovecraft, Poe. Shall I name more? Lol

FAQ #4 - Aside from vampire, what sort of other monsters can be expected in Wolfang?

Answer: How do I answer without spoiling the suspense? To name a few, flesh eating Lechers, one eyed Bogarts, and bleeding skin Daver hounds. If you check the Wolfgang Facebook page in the near future, I will provide excerpts relating to monsters.

Please keep sending me more questions if you have them. I would love to answer them!

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